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Tuesday, July 4

stir crazy

Nothing much to do yesterday...lots of rain, no car and not a whole lot of motivation. I was just settling down to a good book and cup of tea, when 3 of my favorite students show up @ my house, soaked from the typhoonesque climate, hungry having just finished practice and bored cos it hasn't stopped raining in days! Well the teacher in me can't say no to students...especially opportunities where its LEGAL for them to come hangout at your house! I have learned that internationalization is nearly impossible during English class, so I welcomed them in for what turned out to be quite an eventful hangout.
this troublesome trio is NOT camera shy
Sayaka, Akane & Yuna

You ladies rock. Thanks for visiting me...unexpected hangouts are the best! Good luck on your finals tomorrow..I probably should have forced you to study instead of playing "Glamour Shots" all day! ;)


Blogger JH said...

Hi anne, I hava a question that is a little wishy-washy:

What do you consider internationalization to be and why is it impossible in the English class?


Blogger aNne said...

i must apologize for the sweeping generalizations i have made in this last year about Japanese English instruction. i should have PREFACED my posting with:

"Unfortunatley, my "co"-teachers do not know how to co-teach OR communicate in English. By not utilizing my skills (i can both SPEAK english AND teach) the students lost out on what could have been a great opportunity. some students were able to learn from me, but RARELY did it happen in the classroom. my kids haven't learned much from the JTE either, too much time lost to a crappy textbook, ill-prepared teacher and an outdated teaching style based on rote memorization. How can you increase kids test scores, if they hate (unsurprisingly) English class?

YOU are helping prepare the "future JTEs" of japan! what an important job YOU hold! PLEASE do something to change this system! while many of your students were miraculously able to 'learn' english in such a manner as stated above, does NOT work for everyone. something must change! CHANGE is SLOW, but it starts with YOU!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen to that, JTEs truly have no clue about how to utilize the ALT is the best way. Part of the problem is they have had bad ALT experiences but in return they make otjher ALTs not care because they do not take their lessons seriously.

As for changing the system, Japan is very stubborn on change and to be honest, the government truly (I believe) does not want the general population in Japan to speak English. Any kind of conversation class is truly the bottom of the educational barrel. Plus the attitude and behavior of students make it hard as well. they allow students to sleep, or not pay attention, be disruptive which destroys the learning process.

Having said that, I love working in the schools but my bezt experience is working at a Juku. Those students were motivated and were always trying their best.


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